Services for Start-ups, Accelerators & Investment Banks

Deal and Information Support

Our industry newsletters provide an in-depth examination of an industry which is packed with insights. We also help you in news monitoring so as to help you analysing major trends across industries. We help our clients in creating their company profile, enabling them to usher and unveil a series of opportunities by understanding their decision-making process.

We also offer benchmarking services that make it easier for financial executives to understand the top opportunities for improvement in the organisation and where they are leading and lagging compared to industry peers. We then fill in the gaps and work towards an improvement in the financial performance accordingly.

We also help you reviewing your terms and conditions of your NDA, so as to protect your sensitive information. We also make comprehensive whitepapers so as to help our client’s investors in their decision making.

Financial Due Diligence

We provide a comprehensive solution for document storage and sharing with the utmost emphasis on security, thereby helping our clients to cut unnecessary costs and improve both efficiency and productivity.

We provide effective, user- friendly data solutions that can be customized to meet all the document management needs including services like renaming and uploading files in bulk.

We make it our priority to constantly analyse our solutions to make them even more secure for our clients. We are always on the lookout for any technological changes which make it easier for our clients to access their sensitive data without it being compromised.

We understand that document storage and management is an indispensable tool in today’s time. The services we offer in this aspect are customization, uploading data, providing limited access to certain users, and making faster and better-informed decisions on real time data.

Modeling & Analytics

We help the clients to work out the value of their company. We use customized Valuation Models that generate estimates to help a startup more accurately guess their valuation and use different approaches to determine the most accurate value. The valuation arrived at can be used for strategic decision-making, developing scenarios and evaluating likely outcomes in case of deviation from base case assumptions.

Our models –

  • Keep the value as high as possible for the startup while still keeping it attractive for the investors so that they’ll see a big return on their investment
  • Are designed in such a manner so as to incorporate different funding stages (seed, growth, exit, etc.) that the startup undergoes so that the value of the company is always accurately reflected
  • Are created and tested around specific parameters guided by the client’s objectives and provides insight into the expected financial performance

We offer various types of support in the broad spectrum of modeling –

  • DCF Valuation
  • LBO Valuation
  • Comparable Analysis
  • Assumption Validation
  • Sensitivity and Scenario Analysis
  • M&A Valuation


Support for Start-ups

From start-ups to scale-ups, we help your start-up in achieving all your milestones. We believe in your story just as much as you, and that motivates us to write engaging and powerful decks and memorandums, make customized budgets and models as well as conduct primary and secondary research on niche industries.

We prepare high-quality investment memorandums that are needed for an expanding variety of business transactions. We help you bring out the USP of your company and highlight it appropriately for financial partners and potential investors who require a mixture of expertise, accuracy and confidentiality.

The scope of our investment memorandums varies, depending upon the type of investor or buyer. However, the core content – which is the description of the company from a strategic, operational and financial perspective – always remains the same. These contain a comprehensive analysis of the market environment, a description of the specifications of the business and the project, the core objectives as well as an evaluation of the possible risks.

Investors are constantly seeing potential investment opportunities across their desk and, therefore, don’t have the time to read through a full business plan as an introduction to the project.

The pitch decks we create serve as an abbreviated version of the business plan or pre-feasibility study. It is a critical presentation that is used to capture the interest of potential investors.

To make the decks more illustrative, we include the following elements:

  • Executive Summary
  • Market Opportunity
  • Financials
  • Business Models
  • Competition Analysis

The teasers made by our team will ensure a positive approach towards the client by way of creating a lasting impact and a wider reach to potential customers.

In our customized teasers, we provide a concise overview of the investment memorandum and the competitive landscape in which the company operates.

We outline the USP of the investment opportunity which includes information about the industry, product and other opportunities for the company. A summary of the key financial figures (Profit Margin, EBITDA, etc.) is also provided which helps in better analysis.