Virtual CFO Services

We provide a flexible engagement model that enables you to increase/decrease levels of engagement, giving you the opportunity to have the best CFO talent to assist you on the basis of your needs.

We will act as your economic and strategic sparring partner and assume responsibility for proposing expenditure control measures. We will also ensure the accuracy of your books and interpret financial information from available accounting data using tools like revenue forecasting and budget modelling.

We engage in all operations to estimate the health of your financials, including but not limited to –

  • Financial Advisory
    We analyze the financials of your company to conceptualize strategies for organizational growth. We also analyze operations through identification of key operation indicators.
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
    We not only help you in setting your budget periodically, but also help you evaluate it so that you are able to track your progress. We also predict market factors that will affect the revenue projections and take actions accordingly.
  • Cash flow Projection
    We analyze the cash position of your company and come up with plans to meet company’s obligations as per the cash requirements.
  • Breakeven Analysis
    We compare the total cost of your company with its revenue to determine a point where your business will make neither makes profit nor loss. This will help us in devising strategies to control your expenses.

If there is any deviation from the industry average, we ensure that corrective measures are taken. On the other hand, if the performance is above average, we ensure that measures are taken to keep it that way.

MIS & Automation

Managing a business is quite tough, especially if all the tasks are done manually. We convert raw data dumps into Valuable Analysis Reports on a real-time basis on the back of Pareto Analysis, Automation, and other tools, thereby reducing costs and increasing efficiency. We assist you in facilitating the collection, recording, organisation, retrieval and dissemination of information. These include documents, accounting records, unrecorded processes, practices and abilities. 

We co-function with you in order to acquire a thorough understanding of your unique business needs. Propoer implementation of MIS & Automation will help you –

  • Reduce costs
    We help in reducing the human element, consequently reducing labour costs. Reduction in redundancy leads to lesser time spent on one job. Automation saves the cost of having an employee perform the same task – we simplify and automate those complex tasks which earlier required a dedicated resource and a great amount of time.
  • Increase efficiency & productivity
    We help in achieving a high level of efficiency in a company’s management operations. By way of proper implementation of this tool, we reduce the probability of errors and help in increasing productivity.
  • Enhance decision-making through analytics & BI
    We help you gather precise and timely data that is needed to facilitate decision-making, thereby allowing your organization to efficiently carry out your planning, controlling and operational functions.
  • Execute sustainable growth strategies
    While most of your work is automated, we will also work with you to plan and execute sustainable growth strategies like vision, value proposition and strategy which covers several domains like corporate operations, marketing and sales.

Risk Management Services

We take a comprehensive approach towards fully understanding your risk management requirements. Our team works closely with your organization to review policies and processes, and recommend risk improvement solutions that are practical and cost effective.

We ensure the insurance of our clients against all sorts of market risks (currency, interest rate) and provide asset management advisory services, along with a thorough valuation of structured products, analyzing risk from an integrated view, explore risk interactions within your organisation to generate a more advanced knowledge of the material hazards of your company.

  • Currency and Interest Risk Management
    Managing your currency and interest rate risk can bring your business benefits like protection for cash flow and profit margins, improved financial forecasting and budgeting, better understanding of fluctuations impacting the balance sheet and increased borrowing capacity.
  • Quantitative Advisory & Analytics
    We engage in quantitative analysis to help you examine and analyze past, current and future events.
  • Asset Management Advisory
    We provide expert advice to listed and private companies across the globe on financial risk management and other treasury challenges.
  • Valuation of Derivatives and Structured Products
    The market for structured products has grown dramatically in the past decade. We understand their diversity and complexity, and develop different valuation approaches to better suit your organizational structure.
  • Strategic Review of Treasury Processes
    We identify and review the organizational elements needed for you to operate in the current finance-driven environment and develop an action plan to build on the organizational capacity areas and to address any unidentified issues.
  • Operational Risk Management
    We review your company’s existing system of internal controls and provide checks and balances for every aspect, thereby helping to reduce operational risk.

Data Analytics

We help you examine complex enterprise data sets and transform them into rich visuals that can then be interpreted. We use automation and process optimization to create customized dashboards and analytical reports, and help you make informed evaluations.

We use a perfect blend of statistics, technicality and business knowledge to form deductions about the information contained in bulk data. We use complex and sophisticated financial programming languages to create advanced visuals and structured data formats –

  • Power BI
  • R
  • Tableau
  • Python
  • SQL

Management Consultancy

We provide you with insights and strategies that create sizeable profit opportunities, reduce business risks, ensure long-term stability and help in business goal-setting. By creating a strategic work plan and guiding its execution with optimum effectiveness, we acknowledge and suggest important changes to what you are doing and how you are doing it.

  • Create sizeable-profit opportunities
    By working on areas of production cost, customer utility and price, we will be able to help your company in creating sizeable profit opportunities.
  • Ensure long term stability
    Our business growth consultants, through our support systems, responsive monitoring and flexible strategy adaptation, ensure proper implementation of strategies. This helps in bringing clarity and stability to your business solutions.
  • Decrease business risks
    We review your company’s existing system of internal controls and provide checks and balances for every aspect, thereby helping to reduce operational risk.

IR & CSR Consulting

We help you understand the costs and benefits, obstacles hindering a widespread adoption and how they can be overcome, and ways that momentum can be built around Integrated Reporting and CSR Strategy implementation. Benefits include –

  • Higher reliability
  • Reduced legal burden
  • Improved transparency
  • Greater employee retention
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Enhanced relationship with stakeholders

Marketing Design & Strategy

In military warfare, a battle is often named after the geographic location where it took place. Ries and Trout have taught us that marketing warfare takes place in the mind of the consumer. We use intelligent marketing communication & strategy to capitalize on the consumer’s perspective, which is difficult to change.

We bypass the popular topics for content that your competitors often use, and favor specialized content that is different from what’s already out there, and more tailored to your organization.

Long-term Focus

We use Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Engagement and other strategies that assist in establishing brand awareness of your company which will continue to produce results even down the road.


We assist two-way communication with your consumers by implementing marketing strategies that look to the future and help your business stay up-to-date on the best new ways. We specialize in designing finance-centric interactive content – a new trend that is a lot more successful than regular, static content.


We help your organization to identify website interactions by your target audience and design strategies to improve interactions and attract more audience at the same time.

GIPS Compliance Consulting

The Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) are an ethical set of standardized, industry-wide principles that provide investment firms with guidance on how to report investment performance to prospective clients. These standards allow firms to compete globally, and provide investors with the ability to make comparisons between investment firms.

We provide services related to GIPS compliance and other performance measurement related areas. We also help in GIPS compliance verification and ensure that organizations adhere to the 2020 GIPS Standards.

We analyze your firm’s ability to comply with the GIPS, build the infrastructure to help with compliance, fulfill all prerequisites and aid you in staying up to date. We examine your firm’s assertions of compliance with the requirements of the GIPS on a firm-wide basis and examine composite performance presentations for specified composites. We can provide assistance with evaluating, selecting & testing new performance systems, and post-implementation troubleshooting & optimization efforts.

We help you to –

  • Directly compare firms
  • Increase transparency by eliminating biases
  • Highlight commitment to best practices
  • Improve your marketing & branding
  • Boost credibility in performance presentation