Learning & Development

Learning Outcome Consulting

Learning outcomes are user-friendly statements that tell learners what they will be able to do at the end of a period of time. They are measurable and quite often observable.

We specialize in creating specific content relevant to your individual needs and challenges. We help you in the process of generating topic ideas that help you connect with your clients, creating written or visual content around them, and curating training and development modules for your employees to effectively execute their KRAs. We create curriculum plans for learners of all age groups to follow and develop highly specific themes for diversified roles.

We state in clear terms what it is that the learners should be able to do at the end of a course that they could not do at the beginning by focusing on performance-learning and specialized training, rather than on instructional techniques or rigid course content. Being learner-centric rather than instructor-centric, we explicitly communicate course expectations. This helps us stand out from the fierce competition.

Custom E-learning

Our custom e-learning services will encourage you to identify your e-learning needs, create storyboards, and develop content with the help of subject matter experts, providing you an opportunity to strengthen your brand image and generate operational efficiencies. We can help you transform your business processes in sync with continuously changing trends by using smart technology and effective strategies as inputs. Availing our custom e-learning solutions will benefit you by way of a variety of advantages –

  • Perfectly balance organizational needs & innovation to transform dull subject matters into something engaging and exciting. E-learning offers a variety of experiences through interactivity and simulation. 
  • Attain your goals with the help of effective strategy. A comprehensive E-learning strategy gets your organization ready for any disruption that change can bring. 
  • Construct an intelligent learning design.
  • Leverage the use of smart technology to build unique learning solutions.
  • Transform your organization as per time.
  • Bridge the gap between demand and supply of quality services.

Instructor-Led Training

We provide ILT to help you better focus on what is being taught, compared to participating in a remote session. Our training sessions will help you network with peers and attain proper guidance without any distractions. We focus on delivering individual and personalized attention to foster engagement and building inter-personal relationships by interacting and sharing experiences and ideas. Learners can also ask if there is a particular concept they don’t understand or a topic that they are interested in. This specialized form of learning often acts as a precursor to achieving self-actualization and helps you to –

  • Engage in holistic professional development and be critical, confident and independent. We intend to make learning a process of self-improvement, where people explicitly recognize the need of self-progress.
  • Identify and overcome barriers to learning like lack of focus and lack of a sense of community.
  • Personalize course material and learn at your own pace through virtual instructor-led training. We offer learners an opportunity for deeper understanding and better application in the workplace. 
  • Align personal goals with organizational goals.

Micro-Learning Nuggets

We follow a learner-centric approach and provide just-in-time training to ensure that it can be easily accessed, quickly completed, and applied. We create both formal and informal learning modules, aiming for the holistic development of learners. 

We offer easy access to essential facts and active learning modules to increase completion rate. We help learners meet a specific learning outcome and focus on performance-based learning to increase learner engagement. Our brief information capsules help to avoid excessive flow of information using an action-oriented approach of offering bite-sized learning that gets learners to learn, act, and practice.

We identify the larger learning objective and then drill down at micro levels. As microlearning nuggets are short, it doesn’t take us long to build them. This short development cycle results in lesser expenditure and a quicker turnaround time for organizations.

Mobile Learning

M-Learning is one of the most recent offerings in innovation-empowered learning. It is very convenient as it is accessible from virtually anywhere and operates on a user-friendly interface. It brings sturdy portability by replacing books and notes with small devices, filled with tailored learning content.

Our sessions offer informal learning along with flexibility and easier access to information, enabling proper knowledge retention.

We offer both synchronous and asynchronous modules, depending upon the level of engagement desired. We focus on delivering personalized attention through a user-friendly LMS interface, with embedded options to set up discussion forums and request feedback. These modules will help you in learning on the go and achieving better completion rates.

Interactive Learning Modules

We make the learning process fun by including course-related games and puzzles and build skills to deal with different real-world scenarios, making it easier to communicate. We involve the learners in structured brainstorming activities to produce new ideas. 

We provide learners with the opportunity to witness real-world applications and help them in interacting more with the help of games, puzzles and quizzes. We focus on increasing learner engagement through personalized study material and inject fun into training, making it more likely to retain what was taught. Gamification makes it easier to give and receive real-time feedback with the help of open communication lines, simulating different scenarios & helping build skills to deal with them.

We help to change perceptions and attitudes and develop skills through a practical, applied, and thoroughly hands-on approach to learning. Our modules introduce innovative dynamics and favor employee’s engagement. Employees strive to outperform themselves, and their peers, if they are adequately motivated. We provide opportunities for competition with others for high scores, rewards and leaderboard rankings.