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Climate Bonds - The New Rage?

Climate Bonds are fixed-income financial instruments that are issued to raise finance for climate change solutions. A Financial Times report stated that young investors’ values are distinctively focused on taking steps towards the betterment of the environment and are willing to use financial capital for social return. However, a survey raises concerns that the so-called responsible investment products might just be greenwashing instead of standing up to scrutiny.

The Walmart Way of Value Unlocking

Walmart Inc., a global retail giant, is planning to demerge PhonePe from Flipkart, after its high profile acquisition of the latter. This demerger will coincide with PhonePe’s fund-raising program of about a billion dollars. Walmart, however, aims to unlock the value of its acquisition independently.

Woes of the Crisis-Hit NBFC Crisis

NBFCs lending to real-estate companies may come under pressure in the first half of next year, when about Rs. 700 billion worth of advances to infrastructure developers would no longer enjoy mandatory repayment exemptions. Outstanding commercial real estate loans by banks, housing finance companies (HFCs), and NBFCs stood at Rs. 6 trillion in FY19, of which Rs. 1 trillion was from NBFCs.


5 Things to Avoid in MS Excel
By: Sonia KeswaniNov 19, 2019

While MS Excel can be a great tool to automate your work, save loads of time and make your work flexible, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind to avoid unnecessary complications.

5 Gmail Hacks
By: Rajat ChoudharyNov 13, 2019

There are endless number of tricks, tips and extensions that can boost your Gmail game. Check out these 5 Gmail hacks to boost your productivity.

5 MS Word Hacks
By: Arghya MoulickOct 2, 2019

You think you know MS Word? Annoyed with formatting issues? MS Word can be an annoyance but a lot can be accomplished when used to its maximum potential. Learn once and save time for the rest of your life!

Invest In Yourself Blogs

20 Startup Terms
By: Priyanka DugarNov,11 2019

If you are an ambitious entrepreneur but a financial novice, you will often learn though vocabulary terms from entrepreneurs that can confound you. You have to speak their language if you are searching for any form of institutional financing other than having a great deal to attract your shareholders.

Kanban Method
By: Radhika SardaOct,10 2019

Kanban Method is a way to organize the chaos in the workplace in order to increase productivity and maximize efficiency. The aim is achieve higher output in reduced time.

6 Ways to Invest In Yourself
By: Harsha ChoubeyMar, 3 2019

Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do. Anything that improves your own talents, nobody can tax it or take it away from you.