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Our Services

We help you improve on your revenues and cut down on your costs by reducing redundancies in operations. We specialize in providing customized solutions according to all of your needs by creating interactive tools that enhance speed, efficiency, and decision-making.

From cash flow projections till working capital management, we can help you in meeting goals using tools like revenue forecasting and budget modelling, focusing on the optimal utilization of capital.
We help you convert raw data dumps into Valuable Analysis Reports on a real-time basis, on the back of Pareto Analysis, Automation, and other tools, thereby reducing costs and increasing efficiency.
We ensure the insurance of our clients against all sorts of market risks (currency, interest rate) and provide treasury advisory services, along with a thorough valuation of structured products.
We help you examine large data sets in order to form deductions about the information contained in them. We create dashboards and analytical reports and help you make informed evaluations using a perfect blend of statistics, technicality and business knowledge.
We provide you with insights and strategies that help create sizeable profit opportunities, reduce business risks, ensure long-term stability and help in business goal setting.
We help you understand the costs and benefits, obstacles hindering a widespread adoption and how they can be overcome, and ways that momentum can be built around Integrated Reporting and CSR Strategy implementation.
We use intelligent marketing communication & strategy to capitalize on the consumer’s perspective, favoring specialized content that is different from what’s already out there.
We provide services related to GIPS compliance and other performance measurement related areas. We also help in GIPS compliance verification and ensure that organizations adhere to these Standards.

We Are

Growth Catalyst

We seek to reduce unnecessary costs by enhancing speed and efficiency and thereby creating value for stakeholders.

Trust Builders

We fortify confidentiality and reliability and improve performance by focusing on employee development through overall organizational development.

Design Thinkers

We engage in providing innovative and customized solutions and insights that tackle the problem at the core.

Trouble Shooters

We not just open doors to our services but work alongside our clients to help them face challenges and manage risks.

Laser Focused

Our insightful approach helps us to provide you with services with utmost accuracy and thoroughness.

We Are

Why Leveraged Growth ?

It takes hours to open a data-ridden heavy Excel file. Use automation to reduce the size of data up to 4 times and devote the time saved to something more productive.

Our Engagement Model

Onsite Analyst

This model enables a continuous interaction between the FTE resource and your staff on an ongoing basis.

We ensure that each client has a dedicated team which is governed by multiple layers of quality control.

Fixed Cost Model

This model will let you manage your budget without worrying about cost escalations and allows for complete control over the growth of the project.

It is a secure, transparent, flexible and scalable way of working with standardized projects.

Resource-Based Model

We provide greater flexibility in terms of projects that can be completed by the analyst at a given level of expertise.

This model is especially useful where the projects are not standardized or the quantum of work is undefined.

We put in our best effort to provide customized services to enable you to thrive in this dynamic environment.

To know more about our services contact us now.

We put in our best effort to provide customized services to enable you to thrive in this dynamic environment.

To know more about our services contact us now.