Understanding Finance

Personal Finance

Everyone has a plan for fulfilling their dreams – buying a home, buying a car, vacationing abroad, educating their child. But what about a plan for retirement? We act like your personal financial advisors to guide you through your investment plan.

We can assist you with money management, savings and investment by making you understand the concepts of the time value of money, risk and return and the different investment avenues and retirement planning options. We help you plan for all of the expected and unexpected financial aspects of your life, properly manage your income and expenses and teach you how to create a budget.

We advise you in creating a personal spending plan to track finances & tackle ever-rising inflation and identify investment avenues that offer the best return, capitalize on them and generate profits.

This will help you be economically self-sufficient and prepare for your future. We help you be prepared and judicious, while staying focused and profitable.

Finance for Non-Finance

It is really difficult to keep up to date with financial jargon. It’s easy to feel left out in this super-competitive world. We provide customized training modules based on your company’s financials to maximize your learning outcome and increase inter-departmental coordination through effective communication.

Our program gives you information about how finance operates in a company and how the information supplied by various functions is used in the preparation of financial statements. Our focus is on familiarising those with a non-finance background with the basics of finance, accountancy, audit, and economics like equity, fixed income, portfolio management, income tax, and demand and supply. This allows non-finance professionals to make better decisions in the operations of their companies in both the short and long terms.